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Zolvix Plus Sheep Drench provides premium broad-spectrum control of sensitive roundworms in sheep, including strains with single, double or triple resistance to white, clear, closantel, and macrocyclic lactone drenches or their combinations.  Zolvix Plus prolongs the life of all effective sheep drenches.

Zolvix Plus Sheep Drench is a combination drench that combines monepantel, the only member of the amino-acetonitrile derivative (AAD or ‘orange’) class of anthelmintics, with abamectin.

Active Ingredients: Abamectin @ 2g/L & AHC-2102225 (Monepantel) @ 25g/L

Efficacy Spectrum of Zolvix Plus Sheep Drench:

  • Barber’s pole worm – Haemonchus contortus**,
  • Small brown stomach worm – Ostertagia (Teladorsagia) circumcincta*, Ostertagia (Teladorsagia) trifurcata*, Ostertagia (Teladorsagia) davtiani*, Ostertagia (Teladorsagia) spp**,
  • Black scour worm – Trichostrongylus colubriformis*, Trichostrongylus vitrinus*, Trichostrongylus rugatus*,
  • Stomach hair worm – Trichostrongylus axei*,
  • Thin-necked intestinal – worm Nematodirus filicollis, Nematodirus spathiger*,
  • Small intestinal worm – Cooperia curticei*, Cooperia oncophora*,
  • Large-mouthed bowel worm – Chabertina ovina*,
  • Large bowel worm – Oesophagostomum venulosum*.

*Includes adult and immature L4 stage

** Includes adult, immature L4 stage and inhibited L4 stage