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Weed Stop is a professional weed killer and is the ideal companion product to add to Roundup, Evict Bio 360 or other glyphosate product. Weed Stop is a long term weed killer and forms a protective barrier in the soil which prevents most new weeds from emerging for up to 9 months after application. Use  this product where maintaining bare ground weed control is desirable.

  • Low toxicity
  • No smell
  • Granular formulation
  • Convenient pack size and easy measure cup.
  • Provides long lasting residual control of new weeds to give you bare ground where you need it.
  • Provides long lasting weed control of susceptible weeds for up to 9 months
880 g/kg TERBACIL
Weed Stop controls a broad range of grass and broadleaf weeds.


Weed Stop forms a protective barrier in the soil and acts on germinating weed seeds. 

If there are established weeds present at the time of spraying, tank mix Weed Stop with a knock-down herbicide such as Evict Bio 360 to control any existing weed growth.