Tuffrock Gastro-Intestinal 1 Litre

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Tuffrock GI is manufactured from a unique range of 100% Australian natural colloidal volcanic minerals, with gut acid normaliser and gut toxin binder. Lovely earthy taste means it is easy to paste by syringe over the tongue or add to feed.

Recommended for dirt eating horses.

3 key focus points that may help horses maintain normal gastro-intestinal physiology:

Gut Acid Imbalance (Ulcer type symptoms) - may need daily maintenance of 25 ml GI or 20 ml Conditioner Plus

Light = 50ml x 2 pre feed (am + pm) for 10 days

Heavy = 50ml x 2 pre feed (am + pm) for 20 days

Gut Stress (Colic or founder type symptoms) - help maintain normal acetic acid + inbuilt toxin binder

50ml x 2 in 12 hours, may need additional 30 ml pre-feed for 30 days

Generally regarded imbalances lead to hind gut fermentation (pre-cursor to colic)

Gut Calm - 50 ml as required, max 200 ml over 24 hours