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Eureka Perform and Recover Eureka Perform and Recover is a uniquely designed feed to aid horses to perform at their best. It will also help those horses’ that have trouble metabolising carbohydrates & suffer from ‘Tying Up’ episodes. Eureka Perform and Recover contains high levels of omega enriched oils & minerals & vitamins as well as both pro- & pre-biotics. Eureka Perform and Recover contains elevated levels of antioxidants, magnesium & B group vitamins to assist with the recovery from vigorous exercise & fatigue.

Ingredients Steamed & !aked Barley, Maize & Lupins, Sun!ower Seeds, Calcium Carbonate, DiCalcium Phosphate, Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Oxide, Salt, Canola Oil, Mollogold & SCF Mineral & Vitamin Premix, BioPAK ULTIMATE Active Yeast (Pre-Biotic & Pro-Biotic).

Feeding Guide

Light Work 1-3kg per day

Medium Work 2-4kg per day

Heavy Work 3-5kg per day

• Introduce Eureka Perform and Recover gradually over 7-10 days with your current feeds.

• Remember to match feed intake according to work load.

• Ensure horse’s have access to adequate roughage (At least 5kg per day or 1% of body weight).

• Horses suffering from ‘Tying Up’ episodes should be lightly worked on days off.

• Ensure horses have access to fresh clean water at all times.

Heart Rate & Use of Proteins

Eureka Perform & Recover will aid in improved heart rate function creating better oxygenation in the blood. Eureka Perform & Recover will also aid in better detoxification for easier metabolism of the proteins.

Fortified Vitamins & Minerals

Eureka Perform & Recover contains essential omega enriched oils and balanced levels of minerals & vitamins to assist with the horses daily requirements.

Pre & ProBiotics Already Added

Eureka Perform & Recover contains the latest technology in protected 'Live Yeasts' containing both Pre & ProBiotics BioPAK ULTIMATE. The Live Yeast enhances fibre digestibility maintaining the hindgut PH within normal range, especially with grain feeds. Also improves microflora balance & reducing lactic acid in the caecum (gut), & improves feed utilisation, aids in recovery in athletes & reduces the effects of heat stress

Inflammatory Stress & Weight Loss

BioPAK ULTIMATE reduces inflammatory stress brought about from intensive training. It also aids in the reduction of weight loss during periods of intense activity which is detrimental to a young horses health. The benefit will be a direct result in improving fiber digestibility & feed utilisation.


Analysis/1kg Calcium g/kg 10 Vitamin A IU/kg 12500 Chloride g/kg 11 Vitamin D IU/kg 1250 Lysine g/kg 6 Vitamin E mg/kg 455 Magnesium g/kg 4 Vitamin K mg/kg 6 Methionine g/kg 1.4 Biotin ug/kg 683 Phosphorous g/kg 6 Choline mg/kg 2940 Potassium g/kg 8 Folic Acid mg/kg 6 Sodium g/kg 5 Niacin/B3 mg/kg 63 Sulphur g/kg 2 Pantothentic/ B5 mg/kg 23 Chromium mg/kg 1.2 Pyridoxine/B6 mg/kg 9 Cobalt mg/kg 0.6 Riboflavin/B2 mg/kg 14 Copper mg/kg 57 Thiamine/B1 mg/kg 14 Iodine mg/kg 1.2 Vitamin B12 ug/kg 34 Iron mg/kg 159 Pre-Biotics Yes Manganese mg/kg 114 Pro-Biotics Yes Selenium mg/kg 0.6 Zinc mg/kg 148