Reiter Challenger Oral Paste Wormer Plus Tape

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Reiter Challenger is highly effective in the treatment and control of most types of equine helminths including tapeworms, roundworms, strongyles, and bots as well as summer sores. Each tube treats up to 600kg of body weight.

  • Treats tapeworm, roundworm including arterial larval stages of strongyles and resistant small strongyles, bots, summer sores
  • Best used as a rotational wormer in spring/summer
  • Abamectin is an effective treatment for roundworm and bots
  • Praziquantel is an effective tapeworm treatment

Each gram of paste contains 46.2mg Praziquantel, 3.7g Abamectin

Consult a veterinarian when developing a worm control program to suit your needs.