Pure Pine Bedding Pellet 15kg

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EquinePure Pellets are pine horse stable bedding pellets made from the pure heart of pine (that’s the soft wood inside of the trunk). That means our pine bedding is 100% bark and tar free. Also, unlike sawdust and shavings, there is no dust, no shards and no contaminants in EquinePure horse bedding pellets. The low resin and bark-free content of the heart of pine means higher absorbency, longer life and a cleaner, safer, healthier environment for you and your horse.

The Ultimate Stable Bedding

If your horse suffers from allergies, sensitive skin or breathing issues, EquinePure is the perfect solution that can improve your horse’s performance and attitude from stable to work. Because it's pure virgin pine, there are no allergens or irritants that may aggravate respiratory conditions. If your horse is fine with pine, they will be fine with EquinePure.

Don't be bogged down with wet, dusty, sticky bedding that stains your horse's chrome and gets stuck under shoes and in frogs. Because of the lightness of our bedding, it does not compact in hooves.

Put it in your float to stop splashback to give your horse more comfortable, secure footing and a smother ride. It's a great shock absorber.