Pryde's Bio Mare Cubes 25kg

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25kg poly bag of Pryde's BioMare Cubes.

All year round feed for breeding, spelling and growing horses.

A fully extruded feed with readily digested energy, high quality protein and essential vitamins and minerals that support optimum fertility, milk production and growth and development in a convenient and easy to feed cube.

Provides a balance of nutrients vital for optimum fertility, conception and milk production in broodmares, and sound growth and development of foals, weanlings and yearlings under all seasonal conditions.
Provides highly digestible and available energy, quality protein, essential amino acids and balanced vitamins and minerals, including Bioplex organic trace minerals to ensure optimum uptake and utilization.

The digestible nature of this feed coupled with the high quality protein also makes it perfect for spelling horses that need to put on condition and rebuild muscles.