Pedigree Working Dog with real Beef 20kg

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Build & Recover: high Protein - High levels of protein ensure your working dog gets all the amino acids needed to replenish, repair and develope muscles.
Enduring Energy: Optimal Fat Levels - Contains optimal levels of carbohydrate and fat to ensure your dog has the energy to work all day.
Weatherproofing: Omega 3 + 6 - A special blend of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids that helps shield your dog from the harsh environmental conditions they face each day.
Quick off the Mark: Added Vitamins & Minerals - A blend of vitamins and minerals designed to help ensure your working dog is in peak condition - alert and responsive all day.
Working Way of Life: Antioxidant Blend - PEDIGREE Working Dog Complete Nutrition promotes a long, active lifestyle by supplying a unique blend of antioxidants, scientifically proven to help strengthen the immune system of working dogs.