PALASTART Blue Calf 20kg

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Calf Milk Replacer 20kg

Probiotec Palastart Blue Calf Milk Replacer - 20kg bag of powdered milk replacer designed to maximise calf performance. Palastart Blue contains 20% energy (Fat) and 24% protein. While primarily designed as a calf milk replacer, Palastart Blue contains no antibiotics and as a result can be fed to all types of animals. It has been used with outstanding results on many other orphaned animals. The main features of Palastart Blue are as follows:

Higher in energy (fat) and protein than most other milk replacers on the market.
Contains Bio MosTM (a yeast extract). Bio Mos minimises the damage to sensitive stomach linings and helps to remove harmful bacteria.
Contains soluble molasses powder for improved palatability and to encourage the consumption of meals and pellets resulting in quicker rumen development.
Contains a specifically formulated vitamin and mineral pre mix.
Mixes easily in warm water.
Suitable for "once a day" feeding.
Proven for use in all types of automatic feeders.