Olssons Peak 50 + 7% Urea 18kg

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Salt Based: A high by-pass protein supplement containing 50% protein meal, 7% Urea some essential trace minerals.

Suitable for cattle and sheep when metabolic demand for protein and energy are at its highest.
Aimed at ewes and lambs, cows and calves, Peak 50 is desighned to provide protein in block form to assist pasture digestion and to keep breeding stock performing at peak condition during stressful periods and when feed rations do not provide sufficient protein.
Peak 50 should be used when joining sheep and cattle as it assists in increasing fertility rates in animals.

Peak 50 is also available without urea suitable for horses and for conditions where urea is not required.
Consumption Rate: The following may increase/decrease according to varying pasture conditions

Cattle/Deer: 1 Block per 5 Head

Sheep/Goats: 1 Block her 15 Head