Kohnke's Own Muscle XL

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Concentrated Supplement to Build Top-Line, Muscle Strength and Tone
Muscle XL is the ultimate top-line builder, providing the essential proteins and amino acids required to build and maintain muscle tone.


Muscle XL contains concentrated ingredients often lacking in a horse’s regular diet that specifically build muscle. It is ideal for horses who lack top-line despite consistent work, recover poorly or are struggling to regain muscle bulk and fitness after a spell, rest or injury.

Muscle XL is suitable for horses of all ages and levels of training and does not cause hot or fizzy behaviour.

 Supplementation Guidelines

Each level scoopful of Muscle XL provides 40 grams.


For horses (450 – 600 kg body weight) give 80 grams per day, for ponies (under 450 kg body weight) give 40 grams daily.

How to Give:

Muscle XL can be mixed into the normal main meal or hard feed each day until desired muscle build and top-line is achieved, normally daily for 14 – 30 days. Then continue Muscle XL as required to maintain muscle bulk, usually as a top-up course for 5 – 7 days each month or after hard exercise or competition.