Kohnkes Own Gastro Coat 1kg

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Did you know that grains and many ready-mixed and processed feeds are low in natural mucilage compounds. Gastro-Coat may assist your horse's appetite and digestive function...
Kohnke's Own Gastrocoat is a Dietary Supplement of Natural Compounds for the Gastro-Intestinal Tract of Horses
Gastrocoat contains natural mucilage compounds to help the action of chewing and salivation to maintain normal gastric and upper intestinal function.

Gastrocoat also helps maintain the appetite in hard working and traveling horses. Gastrocoat is highly palatable and well accepted by horses.

Gastrocoat is Drug free natural mucilage compounds does not contravene rules of racing/competition it is a feed supplement not a drug based medication!

Gastrocoat provides a source of natural mucilage and sticky gum-like compounds which are low in grain and protein meal based diets. Natural mucilages are especially low in processed feeds where the heat of steam-rolling, micronisation and extrusion damages these compounds which assist chewing and saliva in its action to maintain normal digestive function as a horse exercises, travels or when waiting to race or compete.

Directions for Use:

Stage of Supplementing Dosage
Initial Supplement 15g for each 100kg of body weight as a topping, twice daily.
Maintenance Supplement 15g for each 100kg of body weight once daily on main feed after exercise.