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Concentrated Organic Selenium Supplement with Vitamin E, Vitamin B1 and Magnesium for Horses

E-Se Supplets is a specially formulated source of selenium for horses grazing pastures or consuming hay sourced from low selenium soils.

The premium pelleted supplement contains organic chelated selenium which when deficient in horses and ponies can cause poor muscle function, lack of stamina, and reduced fertility.

E-Se Supplets also features complementary antioxidants including Vitamin E which are often inadequate in the diets of horses fed grass, grain or hay based rations.

Supplementation Guidelines
Each level scoopful of E-Se Supplets provides 20 grams (LARGE END) and 5 grams (SMALL END) of the double ended scoop.


For horses in resting or light work, give 10 grams daily.  For horses in full training or moderate to hard work, give 20 grams daily.  For ponies in light to moderate work, give 5- 10 grams daily.

For broodmares in the pre-breeding period or during lactation, give 20 grams daily.  For late pregnancy, give 10 grams daily.  For weanlings give 10 grams daily and for yearlings give 15 grams daily.

Full supplementation guidelines are available on the label.