Kohnke's Own Cell-Iron 3.5kg

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Cell-Iron is a premium iron supplement designed for horses in regular and intense training, racing, endurance or equestrian competition to help maximise performance and accelerate recovery.

The pelleted supplement contains three different forms of iron along with essential iron co-factors such as vitamin C and folic acid to facilitate iron uptake.

Cell-Iron is particularly beneficial for horses receiving a predominantly hand-fed diet of hay and grain and allows specific adjustment of iron levels in the diet for overall health and optimum athletic performance.

Supplementation Guidelines
Each level scoopful of Cell-Iron provides 30 grams (LARGE END) and 12 grams (SMALL END) of the double ended scoop.


For horses in early or moderate training, give 20 grams daily.  For athletic horses in full work or heavy training with grain-based home-mixed rations, give 30 grams daily.

For top-up of prepared feeds give 12 g per 2 kg of additional grain added daily.

Pre-Race/Competition Supplementation.  Give 30 grams per day on the last 3 evenings prior to racing or competition and for 3 days after performance to help stamina and recovery.