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Concentrated Trace-Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for all Working Horses

Cell-Vital is a multi-vitamin and trace-mineral supplement which is ideal for resting or working horses when their diet is low or inadequate in nutrients required for overall health and vitality.

Cell-Vital is highly economical and easy to feed many different horses, even if they are in various levels of training. It is suitable to balance all types of diets, especially as a top-up for a commercial feed diet of pelleted or mixed hard feeds which have reduced levels of the top quality micronutrients provided by Cell-Vital.

Cell-Vital is designed to offset any loss of nutrients common during the processing and storage of grains, chaff, hay or prepared feeds. The concentrated dose ensures a nutritionally balanced diet, with results you can really see in your horse’s coat color and intensity, performance and well-being.

Which Horses Benefit?
  • For all working horses
  • Recommended for horses on Lucerne-based rations
  • Dose rates are designed for horses in light, moderate or heavy exercise
  • Scoop amounts are given for all levels of exercise intensity for horses in racing, equestrian, performance, pleasure riding and even maintenance for resting horses.
  • Guidelines for top-up of premix feeds are supplied on the label

Supplementation Guidelines

Each level scoopful of Cell-Vital provides 40 grams (LARGE END) and 15 grams (SMALL END) of the double ended scoop.

Flexible dose rates with just 20 grams needed for a light to moderate horse fed a common plain ration.  Horses in moderate to intense work or with very limited hard feed can be fed up to 40 grams per day as one simple scoop.  Full supplementation guidelines are available on the label.

For resting, light work or maintenance give 20 grams daily for adult horses (500 kg body weight).  For moderate to heavily work horses, give 30 grams daily, for intense work including racing and high performance horses, give 40 grams daily.  For adult ponies and galloways at rest or in light work, give 10 grams daily, for regular moderate work, give 15 grams daily.      

Doses can be scaled when feeding less than the recommended level of commercial, complete feeds.   For example, if you are feeding a lightly worked horse 2kg of a common commercial feed but the directions from the manufacturer recommend feeding 4 kg per horse per day, add 10 grams of Cell-Vital to make up possible nutrient shortfalls without adding extra energy or fizziness to the ration.