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Eureka MNF Pellet

Eureka MNF pellet is a developing and conditioning pellet
designed for breeding and resting horses.
Eureka MNF pellet contains vitamins & minerals to meet the nutritional demands of breeding and young growing stock.
With added BioPAK protected live yeast, containing both
Pre & Probiotics. BioPAK will help create a healthier gut &
better fibre digestion.
Will improve microflora and increase the colostrum in lactating mares passing on those healthy bugs to their foals.
In turn, this will result in healthier foals which are better prepared for their next stage of life.

In Training
Eureka MNF pellets are ideal for horses that are resting or training at light to medium intensity.
Spellers/Maintenance             2-4kg per day
Light Work                            3-5kg per day
Medium Work                        4-7kg per day    

Fortified Vitamins & Minerals
Eureka MNF pellets contain balanced levels of minerals & vitamins to assist with the horses daily requirements.

Breeding Stock
1st-2nd Trimester Mares            2-5kg per day
Lactating Mares                      4-5kg per day
Stallions                                  2-6kg per day
Weanlings                               1.5-3kg per day
Yearlings                                2.5-5kg per day

Ingredients, Pre & Probiotics already added
Cooked cereal meals, cooked protein meals, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, SCF
salt & SCF Mineral & Vitamin Premix, BioPAK Active Yeast (Pre-Biotic & Pro-Biotic)