Caribu Wool Combo Rug

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Constructed from a quality genuine 80% Kersey Wool blend, you will be hard pushed to find a warmer, more versatile stable combo rug.

Wool is a natural fiber and has fantastic insulation and breathability properties. Featuring shoulder gussets, double chest fittings for extra security, rump darts, adjustable/removable leg straps and double cross over surcingles.

Our wool horse rugs also include binding along the back line to reduce stretch, as well as extended binding for extra strength up from the belly surcingles.

Caribu Wool Horse Rug Features:

• Quality 425gsm Kersey Wool - 80% Genuine Wool Blend
• Smart satin finish on all fittings
• Shoulder gussets for freedom of movement
• Double chest fittings for extra security
• 3 x Neck Buckles
• Rump darts
• Adjustable/removable leg straps (snap latch's)
• Belly surcingles (now with extended binding for reinforcing)
• Internal lining in the chest and neckline to help alleviate rubbing
• Wither Padding
• Contoured design for best fit.