BARASTOC Darling Downs Layer 20kg

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Barastoc Darling Downs is a nutritious, balanced and complete vegetarian grain mix formulated from all natural ingredients for laying hens in a home flock. Suitable for all breeds of laying poultry.

What will it provide my chicken?

We understand your desire to provide a meat-free alternative to your chickens without compromising their health and wellbeing. We have developed Barastoc Darling Downs as a complete vegetarian feed specifically formulated using only high quality plant and vegetable based ingredients.

A nutritious, complete and balanced premium feed to support hen health and egg production from point of lay onwards.
A vegetarian blend of whole and cracked grains and sunflower seeds to encourage natural foraging behaviour.
A nutrient rich pellet has been included to ensure the bird?s diet has all the vitamins and minerals it needs, naturally.
What?s in it?


Cereal Grains and By-products, Legumes and their By-products, Vegetable Protein Meals, Vegetable Fats and Oils, Shell Grit, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Ridley Nutri-Bit Pellet (Essential Vitamins & Minerals), Essential Amino Acids & Enzymes.