Ambos 14% Ewe & Lamb Sheep Nuts 20kg

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Ambos Ewe & Lamb Sheep Nuts

Grain-based large (8mm diameter) pellets for the energy, protein and mineral supplementation of sheep and goats on limited or poor quality pasture. They are designed to maintain condition with protein and energy during periods of feed shortage and during pregnancy/lactation of ewes with lambs. they are to be fed in conjunction with mature pasture, hay or straw, after an introduction period.

FEATURES: These pellets include a specific sheep and goat mineral and vitamin premix. The pellets contain Acid Buf as a buffer to
aid in the prevention of rumen acidosis (grain poisoning). Being a large pellet size they are ideal for trail feeding, with minimal waste.

INGREDIENTS: Cereal grains and products (Wheat, Barley, Bran and Pollard), Vegetable Protein meals (Canola meal), Calcium
Carbonate (Limestone), Magnesium Oxide, Salt, Buffer (Acid Buf), Trace minerals and vitamins.