Ambos 16% Lamb Finisher Pellet 20kg

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Grain-based pellets for the energy, protein and mineral supply and supplementation of growing and finishing lambs in the range of 20 to 50kg liveweight, in confined intensive feeding or grain assist situations, to provide optimal growth rates and feed conversions. They are to be fed in conjunction with the consumption of fibre forage such as mature pasture, cereal hay or straw.

FEATURES: These pellets include a specific sheep mineral and vitamin premix. This also includes Bovatec as a rumen modifier for improved liveweight gains and feed conversion efficiency, and as an aid in reducing faecal shedding of coccidian of Eimeria spp. in sheep maintained in confinement. The pellets contain Acid Buf as a buffer to aid in the prevention of rumen acidosis (grain poisoning).

INGREDIENTS: Barley, Wheat and Corn grains and Wheat co-products, Oilseed Protein Meals, Calcium Carbonate (Limestone), Dicalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Salt, Buffer (Acid Buf), Bovatec 200, trace minerals and vitamins.