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Weed Force Sidekick Wetting Agent & Spray Conditioner is a multipurpose adjuvant which is composed of natural surfactants and penetrants derived from soybean oils. 

These are combined with propionic acid to produce a penetrant, surfactant, acidifier for use with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, foliar fertilizers and plant growth regulators. The unique properties of Weed Force Sidekick Wetting Agent & Spray Conditioner enhance the uptake of many systemic herbicides, allowing them to effectively penetrate into leaves, without causing damage to non-target crop plants.

  • 3 -in-1 wetter and spray conditioner
  • General purpose wetting agent
  • Reduces fine spray droplets
  • Very cost effective


350 g/L Soyal phospholipids

350 g/L Propionic acid