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Castlereagh Rabbit Pellet

Castlereagh Rabbit Pellet


Castlereagh Rabbit Pellets is a complete feed and as such the addition of other grains and supplements only serves to unbalance the ration.

  • • Contains quality lucerne meal which contains quality roughage and is a natural source of vitamin C
  • • Castlereagh's Premium Vitamin & Mineral Premix will give your animals the gift of health and vitality.
  • • Excellent feed conversion rate• Low grain, no oat content provides slow release of cool energy, minimising digestive disturbances.
  • • Processing is minimal to help every grain hold it's natural goodness that can be lost through over processing, cooking or extruding.
  • • Our gentle steam pelleting process locks in the natural nutrition for easier digestion & absorption.• DOES NOT CONTAIN RESTRICTED ANIMAL MATERIALS

Wheat bran, wheat pollard, lucerne meal, barley, lupins, calcium magnesium carbonate (dolomite), salt and Castlereagh Premium Vitamin & Mineral premix.

Size  20kg

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