Prydes Racing Cubes

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An economical solution for Complete Racing Nutrition. - Part of the EasiFeed range.

A powerful, yet small, extruded cube that is designed specifically for Race Horses, Performance and Sport Horses - where you and / or they need to be at Full Speed!

Want incredible muscle building capacity? Racing Cube has a set recipe formulation ensuring the same premium quality proteins are used every time.

Nutrient profile and digestibility is superior meaning that 2 - 3kg of feed less is need than of a similar "raw grain" ration needed to achieve the same or better results.

Features & Benefits:
- Vitamins & Minerals for Complete Nutrition
- Quality Protein got Muscling & Topline
- Cooked Grains for the "Ultimate" in Muscle Fuel for fast sprints while also maintaining gut health allowing horses to remain in work longer.
- Salt Free - to keep horses eating... reduces irritation to gastric ulcers and allows a vigorous appetite to be maintained