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The nutritional function of WeightGain is very specific - to increase body weight and condition. WeightGain is a blend of quality ingredients that will help combine conformation, body condition, brilliant depth of coat colour and a relaxed calm disposition for that show and sale success you desire! As WeightGain is a high fat, high fibre supplement, the incidence of digestive upsets and metabolic conditions are greatly reduced.

  • High Fibre 

    • Cool energy 

    • Maintains a healthy microbial population in the hindgut.

    • Provides your horse with gut fill and that contented feeling.

  • High in Fat 

    • Cool energy source

    • Acts as a carrier for fat soluble vitamins

    • Excellent for increasing body condition and body weight

    • Enhanced coat shine

  • Quality Protein

    • Provides amino acids for muscle growth and development

  • Vitamins & Minerals

    • For optimum health

  • Highly digestible