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Omega Feeds has balanced the natural goodness of sunflower kernels with vitamins and minerals to produce a concentrated and nutritious feed supplement for your horse. The high fat content of the sunflower kernel provides cool energy and enhances body condition and together with organic copper, improves coat shine and colour. The blend of biotin, organic zinc, organic copper and naturally occurring methionine will enhance hoof quality to ensure your horse has strong, healthy hooves.

  • High Fat Content 

    • Enhanced body condition and coat shine

    • Cool source of energy

    • Reduces the incidence of metabolic conditions

    • Serves as a carrier for fat soluble vitamins

  • Organic Copper

    • Brilliant coat shine

    • Healthy skin

    • Enables strong bone formation  

  • Organic Zinc & Biotin

    • For optimal hoof growth and strength

  • Naturally High Methionine Content

    • Essential amino acid for hoof growth