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Coprice High Joule

Coprice High Joule


High Joule is a High Fat Stabilised Rice Bran.

Coprice High Joule is a ultra-high fat and energy dense feed supplement, excellent for boosting energy, muscle development, building topline and weight gain. Rich in naturally occurring antioxidants, amino acids lysine and methionine and a source of omega fatty acids, it helps strengthen immunity, build muscle mass and provides superior skin & coat health.
High Joule is ideal for horses in sale prep, in sustained exercise, and all horses and ponies requiring improved conditioning.

Coprice Extruded Feeds combine quality ingredients with extrusion technology which delivers superior digestibility and improved availablity of nutrients in every mouthful. Contains no other cereal grains but Australian rice and/or stabilised rice bran. Coprices extruded feeds are gluten free, low GI and high fat, satisfying the nutrient requirements of your horse without any fizzy behaviour.

Brand  Coprice
Size  20kg

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