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Palastart Lamb and Kid Milk Replacer - 10kg

Palastart Lamb and Kid Milk Replacer - 10kg


Palastart powdered Lamb and Kid Milk Replacer - 10kg bag. 

Palastart Lamb and Kid is a unique highly palatable dairy based milk replacer designed to meet the nutritional requirements of lambs and kids of all ages. Palastart Lamb and Kid contains 25% energy (fat) and 24% protein. Palastart Lamb & Kid contains no antibiotics and as a result can be fed to most types of animals including working horses, dogs and cats. 

The main features of Palastart Lamb and Kid are as follows:

  • Energy (fat) and protein levels are specifically formulated to provide optimum growth to lambs and kids of all ages.
  • Contains Bio MosTM (a yeast extract). Bio Mos minimises the damage to sensitive stomach linings and helps to remove harmful bacteria.
  • Contains soluble molasses powder for improved palatability and to encourage the consumption of meals and pellets resulting in better growth and development.
  • Contains a specifically formulated vitamin and mineral pre mix.
  • Mixes easily in warm water.
Brand  Palastart
Size  10kg

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