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Castlereagh Lucerne Stud Mix

Castlereagh Lucerne Stud Mix


Castlereagh LUCERNE STUD MIX is an all natural, unique, multipurpose feed that DOES NOT contain any antibiotics, hormones, growth stimulants, urea, or animal based products. This is a cost effective complete feed providing nutrients, vitamins and minerals. A great feed to keep your beloved animals looking good and feeling great. With its fixed formulation and boosted levels of vitamins and minerals, Castlereagh Feeds LUCERNE STUD MIX all natural animal blend is all you need to keep your animals in top show condition. LUCERNE STUD MIX is a great safe feed ideal for hobby farmers where different animals share the same paddock as it is an ideal feed for; • Keeping horses cool and conditioned for pony club and light to medium work • Conditioning cattle for show or store • Dairy cattle • Fattening sheep & goats • For pet rabbits & guinea pigs

Size  25kg

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