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Olssons Calcium Molasses + 10% Urea

Olssons Calcium Molasses + 10% Urea



When to Use Olssons Calcium Molasses + 10% Urea:
If grain or dry pasture is the only feed available for livestock, and if you want to maximise production Calcium Molasses + 10% Urea is the ideal multi-nutrient supplement.

Aimed at cattle, sheep, goats and deer being fed grain as part or all of the feed ration, Calcium Molasses + 10% urea is designed to provide calcium and protein in block form to assist digestion and to keep stock producing at optimum levels.

Calcium Molasses + 10% urea has a total protein equivalent of approximately 33% and also contains a minimum of 7.5% calcium to counteract the effect of high phosphorus levels found in grain, so that the calcium:phosphorus ratio is balanced.

Min. crude protein 33%
Salt (NaCl) Max. 53.8% Min. 52.0%
Calcium (Ca) Min. 6.5%
Phosphorus (P) Min. 1.2%
Magnesium (Mg) Min. 200mg/kg
Iron (Fe+++)
Min. 650mg/kg
Sulphur (S) Min. 10g/kg
Ferrous Iron (Fe++) Min. 1350mg/kg
Molasses 5.0%
Flourine (F) Max. 0.2%
Urea (10%) 100g/kg
Cottonseed meal (12%) 120g/kg

A multi-mineral lick block for all ruminants experiencing a deficiency of protein

Net Weight:

Feeding Instructions:
Remove outer carton and plastic cover and place near water troughs, dams and stock camps. Place out sufficient blocks to avoid overcrowding of stock. Initially, the consumption rate will be higher than average, but higher rates of consumption will drop after an initial "gorging" period. Replace immediately when consumed.

Consumption Guide:
The following rates will increase or decrease according to varying pasture conditions.
Cattle 100 - 150 g/head/day
Sheep 20 - 50 g/head/day

Urea may be toxic when supplemented incorrectly. Please contact the Olsson's Nutritional Advisory Service (FreeCall: 1800 804 096) before using this product for the first time. Do not supplement other forms of urea with this formulation.

Brand  Olsson’s
Size  19kg

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