Caribu Kozzi Polar Fleece Rug

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Our polar fleece combos features a plush 300gsm fabric! Our combos feature generous drops, anti-rub linings, double chest fittings for extra security, rump darts, adjustable/removable leg straps and that great Caribu fit! 


Caribu Polar Fleece Combo Horse Rugs feature: 

  • 300gsm Quick drying, polar fleece
    • Anti Rub lined mane area.
    • Dual chest straps 
    • 3 x Adjustable Neck Buckles 
    • Dual Bartac reinforced chest fittings for extra security 
    • Wither Padding 
    • Rump darts 
    • Adjustable/removable leg straps 
    • 2 x Halter Loops