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A complete vitamin and mineral supplement for a shiny horse coat, hoof health and general well being

The real secret to a beautiful, healthy horse is proper nourishment. Barastoc Groom is a high-quality horse hoof and coat supplement that provides your horse with the essential nutrients to support a full body transformation. Designed to enhance hoof and coat health, Barastoc Groom’s low GI horse supplement formulation improves the appearance and wellbeing of your horse, helping to create a beautiful shiny coat and strong hooves.

Barastoc is Australia’s leading horse feed supplier, with our team of equine nutrition experts offering more than 75 years of experience in developing high-performance products. Barastoc Groom is no exception, providing a multitude of macronutrients that help to develop your horse’s topline and bring out their shiny coat. Featuring a robust blend of biotin, zinc and methionine, Barastoc Groom’s carefully formulated low GI formulation helps to improves hoof conformation and structure. As a powerful horse coat conditioner supplement, Barastoc Groom also helps promote keratinisation, which may help your horse if they are prone to laminitis.

For a beautiful, perfectly nourished horse, Barastoc Groom is the ideal vitamin and mineral supplement. Thanks to a carefully balanced diet with restorative potential, your horse will receive the optimal feed for its long-term health. Select Barastoc Groom as your horse feed supplement of choice and it won’t take long to spot the difference.