Bainbridge Bait Pellets

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A strategic partnership to deliver pest control solutions for Australia. With over 200 international and island rodent eradication projects to safeguard rare wildlife totalling 70,000 hectares across 20 countries, including Australia, Orillion is a world leader in pest control product design, manufacture and distribution. In operation since the 1950's, Orillion is a safe and dependable manufacturer of pest control products, priding itself on operating strict safety quality assurance protocols throughout its development, manufacturing and supply processes. Formulated by Orillion and manufactured in small batches in New Zealand in partnership with Bainbridge, our rodent baits are highly effective, kill with a single feed, and are highly palatable to rodents. Developed as a fast acting solution both in
plagues and controlling low density rodent problems.A potent extruded chocolate flavoured bait containing second generation active, brodifacoum (0.05g/kg), for use in bait stations